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EASSUN Weather Vane Cycling Glasses, Solar CAT 2 or 3. Eassun Manufacturer Reference: 48003

The EASSUN Veleta glasses stand out for their large peripheral lens, which is water repellent and can be solar CAT 2 or 3, depending on the model, its nose adaptable to the specific magnitude of each individual's nose and its anti-fog ventilation system that makes it impossible to fog the glass. The lack of a spoiler, in certain points, makes it very light, because its net weight is only 32 grams. Suitable for anyone who practices cycling.

CAT 2 or 3 sun glasses with adaptable nose and Airflow® technology
This product is manufactured from a solar crystal of categorization 2 or 3, depending on the reference, and a nasal, which is exclusively adapted to the measurements of the nose of each person.

At the same time, this accessory obstructs the internal fogging of your lens as a result of the implantation of a ventilation system.

Taking into account the set of particularities that it collects, it is recommended to use it for cycling.

CAT 2 or 3 sun glasses
Solar crystals, which are made for the manufacture of this type of item, are broken down into various groups. These range from 0 to 4, depending on the visible light absorption capacity of each lens.

In this sense, this model offers category 2 and 3 lenses. On the one hand, those that meet the conditions of category 2, absorb between 57% and 81% of light. Therefore, these are ideal for all those situations in which the degree of light is rather intermediate

On the other hand, those of category 3 are ideal for very intense ultraviolet rays, including that light that is reflected in water or snow.

Adaptive nasal for maximum comfort
This accessory has an adjustable bridge located in the area of ??the nose, accommodating the specific dimensions of each person.

Likewise, the fact of being able to personalize the product based on the singularities of each individual enables them to be non-slip, since they remain more fixed to your face.

These peculiarities play a relevant role when it comes to achieving excellent well-being, because, in this way, they give a notable leap in quality to the product.

Airflow® technology
One of the biggest setbacks, which are generated with this type of articles, is the formation of mist on the crystals.

With the main objective of combating this common problem, the EASSUN Wind Vanes use a ventilation system that prevents fogging. In other words, it is an anti-fog cycling glasses.

In short, you no longer have to worry about this annoying situation, which sometimes causes you to interrupt your activity.

Discover the different combinations available
This model has a total of five varied compositions, so check the available color options and choose the one that best suits your stylistic requirements:

48000: Matte black frame and CAT 2 REVO red lens.
48001: Silver CAT 3 glass accompanies the matte black frame.
48002: Selected colors are CAT 3 matte black and REVO blue for frame and lens, respectively.
48003: REVO red from CAT 2 decorates the glass and matt white, the frame.
48004: The lens is CAT 2 brown and the frame is matte white.
Product characteristics
Next, check some more technical data:

The glass is water repellent, anti-fog, made of polycarbonate.
In turn, the frame comes from Grilamid®.
They are very light glasses, because their net weight ranges from 32 grams.
Peripheral large lens
This design stands out for the large size of the crystal and its shape, which is cylindrical. This translates into an increased field of view, as it will be much more panoramic than compared to other similar accessories.

Very light glasses without spoiler on the top and bottom
One of the most striking aspects is, without a doubt, the absence of a spoiler in the upper and lower area. This curiosity provides greater visibility and lightness, since its net weight amounts to only 32 grams. In addition, EASSUN is committed to offering a wide range of blends, which perfectly match the needs of the prevailing taste. The Veleta EASSUN cycling glasses also stands out for its conciliatory touch, with which it will seduce you and, together with its many features, will provide you with unique and unrepeatable experiences.


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